• Boys playing marbles. The boy on the left is Chuck Koyanagi.
  • Ray Johnston, Project Director
  • Eiichi Kamiya
  • Yuriko Hohri
  • George Takei
  • Hiroshi Ito
  • Roy Uno
  • Paul S. Sakamoto
  • Mabel Rose Jamison
  • Lillian Hananouchi
  • Haruko (Sugi) Hurt
  • Life at Rohwer
  • The Things that Surround Us
  • Sent away from their homes
  • Forced out of business
  • Moved from California to Arkansas
  • Entrance to the Relocation Center
  • The bonds of family
  • Taught by local teachers
  • Farming in Arkansas
  • Life at the Relocation Center
  • Life at the Relocation Center

We were there

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