Museum 9066 Assessment Requirements

Concept and Analysis Phase
+ Drawings/Model: Show the appropriate character of light space form & order.
+ Context/Site Analysis: Show temperature, prevailing winds, sun angles, sounds, circulation
(vehicular and pedestrian), important views, important landscape features.
+ Collection/Camp Analysis: Identify artifacts, artwork to be displayed and the architecture
and planning of the original camps.

Design Phase

+ Context Plan: 1” = 100’-0” show site, roof, roads, outline of original camp.
+ Site Plan: 1” = 20’-0” show roof(s), topography, paved vs. landscaped, vegetation, parking + Model: 1/8” = 1’-0” show space, openings, opacity, scale figure and vegetation.
+ Floor plan: 1/8” = 1’-0”: show solid/void, openings, entries and furnishings.
+ Building section(s): 1/8” = 1’-0”: show heights, openings for ventilation, sunlight/ views.
+ Elevation(s): 1/8” = 1’-0”: show fenestration/openings, entry, entourage, adjacent buildings..

Explanation Phase

+ Diagram(s): scale TBD show concept, organization, enclosure, program, etc.
+ Verbal Presentation: concept, organization, major spaces, logic, rationale, circulation, etc.

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