Museum 9066 Process

Begin this investigation with an introduction to historical and biographical accounts of life in the camps. What were the structures like? Familiarize yourself with the people involved in the relocations. Look at the types of artifacts and artwork that will be displayed. Next document the site with analyses of the physical characteristics: views, topography, circulation, sounds, landmark features, etc. Visit the site with the intention of truly understanding identity and place.

Each instructor will suggest specific processes for conceptualization as genesis for design solutions. In any event, students should strive to define for themselves what exactly defines a successful project in terms of character. While many options are open to designers, one has to consider what should be as opposed to what simply can be. Students should consider this assignment as a continuation of methods and lessons learned from the previous two assignments.

Note: Professor Arne’s fall 2013 course included a field trip in October 2013, Mid-Review in early November 2013, and then Final Jury in early December.

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