Life Interrupted Exhibition

Nancy Chikaraishi, associate professor of Architecture at Drury University (Springfield, MO) will feature her Life Interrupted exhibition at the World War II Japanese American Internment Museum in McGehee, Arkansas from April 16 through July 16. Her parents were internees at Rohwer. Her solo exhibition features artwork of the Japanese American struggle in the Camps.

Chikaraishi’s drawing research has explored urban space and imaginary landscapes. A solo exhibition of charcoal drawings, paintings and sculpture explored her parents’ experiences in the Japanese American Internment camps in Rohwer, Arkansas.

In “Life Interrupted,” an art project about the Japanese-American internment camps during WWII, I explored my parents’ experience in the Rohwer, Ark. camp through art. Thinking about this event in history while visiting the site, I could physically put myself where my mother, at age 18, and father, at age 21, were held in barracks for two years and try to imagine what their lives were like. Brainstorming ideas and doing thumbnail sketches led to the making phase, starting with that blank sheet of paper to begin a drawing.

More information about the artist can be found here.